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tv   Headline News  RT  November 30, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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dozens wounded and arrested ukrainian police crackdown on protesters in kiev as tens of thousands keep up their demands for the country's leadership to resign after rejecting an association. some guantanamo prisoners reportedly great to spy for the u.s. in exchange for cash and freedom the more guilty you are may have been better for you critics condemned the cia tactics and dangerous suspects might have got out innocent men they locked up indefinitely. also reporting that any authority to leave the main opposition leader in jail despite him being eligible for release amnesty international says it's clear the monarchy isn't interested in justice.
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international live from moscow with twenty four hours a day. police used tear gas and buttons to disperse anti-government protests in the ukrainian capital overnight people to be not in the streets for a week now angry with the president's decision to reject an integration deal with the e.u. . during the week e of central square was the stage of the mass protest of those supporting your integration in opposing president acknowledges decision not to sign the euro association deal in vilnius it is no longer the case right police is not controlling the area during the night several hundred policemen came here and dispersed the crowd and eyewitnesses say that the dispersal was rather rather violent more than thirty people were arrested and more than forty had to be
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hospitalized with different injuries the right police cordoned off the area not letting anyone inside the square and while the opposition is still contemplating the next move people are literally enraged with what happened this night nobody actually expected that this rally would be dispersed especially considering that for the last three or four days it was very very peaceful and no clashes no violence was reported the fact is that many ukrainians thousands tens of thousands facts have been protesting against a conscious decision i talk to some of them and i realize that not all of them were actually aware of what they were protesting against let's have a look at my report. italy. greece. spain. portugal. and ukraine a similar picture but looks are deceiving while a number of european countries has been protesting against brussels policy ukraine
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is probably the only one where people are taking to the streets in tens of thousands to support the idea of your integration. we deserve to be in europe. the deal would have allowed us to get better education in europe but this was not about being in the e.u. joining the union was not even on the table the two hundred page blueprint of the agreement never said anything about a visa free regime. about that my wife can go to poland and buy a lot of food for just ten or even though which is just over a dollar that's twice as much as i can buy here for a hundred greville but the government was concerned that ukraine's domestic products would be swamped by cheap or easy you goods the worst case scenario could have been factory closures and a catastrophe unemployment rate and brussels was offering no compensation for any potential economic losses despite that ukraine's leadership has hinted a deal may still materialize in march next year that would mean a longer winter on the streets for the angry crowds who are refusing to go home
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they want the president's head before they do alexy russia city r.t. reporting from kiev in ukraine protests to say ukraine's leadership ruined hopes for a better future by rejecting this e.u. deal but the government says there were economic dangers to making a hasty agreement scott takes a look at what went wrong. it's. a moment of on power allowed access the ukrainian president viktor yushchenko vich comes face to face with a huge lead as for the first time since stalling on an historic trade deal the whole thing caught on camera i think it was hard for us to our bit. to see. if it is us i. it's clear that kiev decision to hold proceedings has rankled a huge lead as following years of negotiations the e.u.
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senses outside influence we have to set aside short and political calculations. and we may not give in to external pressure not the least from russia. which says the financial deal on offer isn't large enough to prevent damage to ukraine's flailing economy of course neither ukrainian businesses nor the government have this amount of money or will have any time soon that's why ukraine is not ready to take responsibilities is not capable of fulfilling yet oh so where does this leave the situation ukraine's proposals for trilateral talks with russia were rejected by the e.u. or brussels finances may not allow them to increase the offer to kiev look at the european union massive run can employ men throughout the course of the union they have a year old currency project which is a fiasco realistically the only thing the european union can try to do is keep
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blame storming anybody russia who cares because the european union is ultimately falling apart at the seams so the e.u. departs vilnius contemplating what might have been despite courting president they simply seemed unable to offer him a deal that was tempting enough pull scots r.t. vilnius lithuania. for more on whether ukraine was right to pass on a deal with the e.u.'s top two political commentator alexander nick ross of joining us from our london studios there is clearly huge support among the ukrainian people for this deal despite the apparent economic dangers why is there so much support for it then. well i don't think there's much support i think there's a lot of consequent fusion a lot of people don't really understand what's going on and i think the most important thing for the ukrainians to know is that no one be a free area they won't be able to travel to the west they will encounter
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a lot of opposition from the west they will be seen by many people like it's happening in britain where by the way up to seventy percent want to leave the u. but unfortunately the government doesn't give them water for around them until the elections of two thousand and fifteen so what the feeling is that cross the e.u. immigrants steal their jobs that they use the benefits and that they're basically a burden to their economy so i don't understand why ukrainians would get would want to go to countries which are basically hostile to them i think that they are misinformed and especially by some of the e.u. are good you say shirts or what about the e.u. do you understand why it's a cane to have ukraine among states membership bearing in mind the country is virtually bankrupt what's the main reasoning behind its eagerness for ukraine to join in the long term. well it was pretty it's pretty obvious actually you're with
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you should have seen how furious the e.u. called me soft on the display when they suddenly and culture the opposition from the ukrainian government what they want is access to resources to web to use ukraine for example for dangerous industrial. you know production this is not something like a teaching ukraine. as an equal and let me tell you something else there are two points that i don't really hear people talking about first of all the european union was intended to be a purely economic and trade union it was never. intended initially to be political and of the people of the european countries were actually hurting. union they were kicked by their governments they were picked into joining. a group
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which is run by unelected bureaucrats that's first point second very important point for the last eighteen years not a single budget of the european union was signed by the us guess why because they said that the money was misused now what ukraine want to join another goodness ation an elected which is misusing money by the way which is taxpayers' money coming from the e.u. ok you say this is think if they know the facts if they know the facts they will think twice before demonstrating and protesting right you say this is all about economics but this is turning out to be a political problem now isn't it just how serious is the rift between russia and the e.u. over this both sides the leaders a very angry with each other over this but there's a lot of trade going on between the two could that be a major fallout over this. well i think that it is obviously turned into
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a political issue i think and i've said that on many of the richest channels you know radio and television that they should really really start using the methods of the caldwell and calling they're going to call bitchery she and the putin regime and i said to them well why don't we call the camera on the regime or along the regime or the medical regime because i said these were russia and ukraine this all elected governments so this is one point secondly we just heard from your report somebody saying outside influence meaning russia could blaming russia and accusing it of blackmail well the e.u. is actually putting pressure on ukraine we think they had to take away the precondition of being released because they're down the stand that this unfair that either by the way preconditions which were one go into which they are so gradually
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started to take away so i think that do you here is a basically using pressure methods that blackmailing the ukraine they are playing this game of actually attempting the young people with education you know how much education costs now in europe for for on those that's a strong nearly equal amount so they should think twice about this ok alexander thank you very much indeed for joining us live your thoughts from our london studios and it's on the cross all thanks. well ukraine's reluctance to strengthen trade with the e.u. comes amid criticism that the block has lost direction while tentative right wing groups across the continent are fighting against what they see as liberalism and want to forge a new sense of identity well we spoke to one political activist who's taking part in the we are the youth conference and he believes young people in particular being
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forgotten by the e.u. elite it's a league research spain and portugal finding a job is not that easy these days so of course people go looking for exposure to young people go looking and searching for solutions and i think that there are some movements that can give these solutions to the problems of today that the capitalist and liberal system must have cost the governments order european union that day totally don't care about the jobs of young people so we can see that people are looking for alternatives we can not say that it's a fact a nationalist revolution we can just say that it's very logical thing to happen it's a logical thing when people are left behind as they start to organize themselves and they start to think. the cia turned to an unlikely source of talent according to media reports it's been suggested that the beginning of america's war on terror
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guantanamo bay prisoners were turned into spies you double agents who are problems freedom and safety and sent home with pockets of cash in exchange for providing the u.s. with intelligence from abroad the process of recruitment and training was apparently carried out in secret cottages not far from the detention camp designed to feel more like told rooms and prison cells dozens of inmates were reportedly offered a job only a handful agreed former pentagon security analyst michael maloof explains why any exposure at any time like this of any secret program if there is one is always damaging. the question then is what is the relevance you send these guys back what tangible basis do you have in follow up and actually recruiting and i think that's a serious question but to even have a revelation that such a program might even exist it could be very damaging to these individuals and i doubt that those who are in guantanamo now would really be able to go back without
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some suspicion being cast upon them in guantanamo the more guilty you are the more chance you have of being used as a double agent that's the claim of colonel morris davis he's a former guantanamo chief prosecutor. i would assume like in many organized crime cases sometimes you gotta make a deal with the devil to try to get someone further up the food chain i can take a call some consternation from my prosecutors because in some cases we are asking them to prosecute people for war crimes and they're saying wait a minute you mean to prosecute the lieutenant at this level but we've let his colonel go which created this kind of paradox one taught him where if you were a big enough fish you potentially got a free ticket home and it was a cash to take with you if you weren't you could potentially get prosecuted and if you're in that lower category the people would have been cleared you're still at guantanamo and the tensions of the more guilty you are may have been better for you
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you're watching r.t. international live from moscow with the twenty four hours a day still to come a handful of babies become symbols of hope as many women have a company huge risks to start families with their husbands who are languishing in israeli jails find out how they did it later this hour. plus a single break now by an ounce of gold thanks to unprecedented to set the currency soaring in price look at this milestone and big coins on certain future next after the break. on the money with the business of russia. right the same. first strike. and i think your.
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orders. to be an. honest international police bahrain is more interested in silencing dissent than seeking justice all for authorities refused to release opposition leader now from
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jail the rights group said there was no reason to keep him locked up as he is most of his two year term so is eligible for release but build it from bahrain watch says only international pressure can force bahrain to change course. the government will release him if and only if there is significant pressure from behind allies meaning the united states or the united kingdom. in absence of that pressure i think the government will still trying to come in prison in line with their campaign of you know trying to prevent any sort of dissent or create any sort of safe space for dissent we saw daily videos of nighttime bombardments of villages in behind with tear gas these are areas where there's no protests whatsoever going on the government just comes in and fires massive amounts of tear gas to punish citizens for expressing dissent or earlier protests so we're not seeing the use of tear gas and behind to disperse violent rioters as much as we're seeing it to
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punish as a weapon of collective punishment we've seen the government try to hold the so-called national dialogue with the opposition but you can't really have this dialogue writers there's so many political prisoners and representatives of the opposition major players of the opposition present. slamming the brakes on german roads the e.u. plans to rein in the country's no limit motorways by imposing speed restrictions on the famed author bars. plus we told you so fracking activists point to a series of increasingly powerful earthquakes in texas as evidence of the dangers of shale gas drilling that report still to come. the first palestinian women whose husbands are in israeli jails faced a difficult dilemma how can they start a family but as artie's paullus their reports five women from the occupied territories have already given birth by finding ingenious ways around the obvious obstacles. we cause whose son the miracle baby the apple of her eye he
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was born against all odds. was then the fact that most was born has given us hope he is everything to us in the end we won despite all the obstacles for us he is the ultimate victory. mushed was born despite his father's absence a dull career mother ma we is in an israeli prison where he's been sentenced to twenty five years for murder lydia was afraid she'd no longer be able to have children by the time he got out and so instead of waiting for him she did the next best thing and arranged for his sperm to be smuggled out the first time i went to visit my husband with his new son the soldiers went crazy when they saw the baby like i was carrying a bomb they started asking questions like how come you have a baby smuggling sperm from prison is gaining popularity in the palestinian world but first the community must approve after this happened if the procedure is quite straightforward the first thing they have to get to talk guarantee that they have
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a sample from that. they get if they get a sample we ask of the woman the wife of the prisoners to bring with the have to fears the good from here side to first degree that are from her husband's side the is. clear that this will belong to the door this woman as one of the sample can survive for up to forty eight hours before being frozen five years treatment all my bill for years is three months pregnant her husband summer is serving an eighteen year sentence. for i haven't had children for eleven years my husband was in prison all this time the first time in prison his wife got pregnant she basically gave hope to all of us. it's a puzzle for the israeli prison service in a mission statement they insist that security arrangements and inmates interactions with the visitors are carefully monitored which makes objects exchange much more difficult they food yvel to prevent any smuggling of any kind and none of the
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people we interviewed would give details of how the sperm is smuggled out from under the watchful eye of prison guards there is almost no physical contact between security prisoners and their families but five babies have been born this way and eighteen women are pregnant. bringing a baby into this work in spite of the fact that his father is in the jews zionist prison is a form of resistance policy or r t west bank. just reminding go online to catch up with news we're not covering here on screen such as black friday gets out of control and for cut price deals resulted in an array of violent episodes from city to city across the u.s. including shootouts clashes and numerous arrests. and also a friday night out turns deadly in the scottish city of glasgow where a police helicopter crashed into a pub leaving up to eight people dead and many more trapped under the rubble.
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on one currency but corn is now almost overtaken gold in value a single bit coin currently trades for one thousand two hundred dollars just shy of an ounce of bullion well earlier we spoke to dr richard stallman he's president of the free software foundation about the currency one advantage he says is freedom to spend your money any way you like. one good thing about bitcoin is you can send money to someone without getting the permission of a payment company so for instance if you want to support wiki leaks which is a very good thing and which the u.s. government doesn't want to let people support and has used extrajudicial means to chase off the internet partially didn't succeed completely well with because you can do it authorities in the rustic area of texas a place by a string of increasingly strong earthquakes pressuring local communities residents
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they believe they know the cause blaming the hundreds of local shale gas fracking sites where the process involves pumping files of tons of toxic chemicals to literally dissolve rocks on the ground it's been argued for years that fracking could potentially cause quakes but that's been hard to back up with data form in texas calvin tillman believes that harming the environment for cash could have irreversible effects some pretty good that it shows the injection wells which all of the fracking noise is deposited in that they have been linked to these earthquakes and i think you have to be foolish to not think that all of things going on underground is going to have you know the long term stability of the earth at the legislative level the oil and gas industry has a significant influence probably more in the fifth act than they do in any other state in the united states or around the world the impact that this has i mean you
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know by the time that you. hear the noise and have the earthquakes and smelling the odor the near water has methane in it is too late at that point and so you know the damage that is being done or that is going to be non is going to go on for many many many years and it's not something that you're going to be able to undo. now look at what else is happening around the world the search teams in the maybe have found the wreckage of a big headlines plane police said none of the thirty four people on board survived the crash and the aircraft discovered completely burned the flight was bound for and goda but all communications with it were lost when the plane was over northern namibia. person has reportedly been shot dead during clashes between government supporters and opponents in capital bangkok under protest as on the streets for a seventh consecutive day they say they thought he should resign accusing them of acting above the law and instructions were triggered by proposed amnesty which could see a former prime minister from. the u.s.
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has offered to destroy the most lethal parts of syria's chemical arsenal at an offshore facility hazardous materials should be transported out of the country by the end of the year is concern over a lack of volunteers to host the stockpile which must be eradicated by mid twenty fourteen thirty five companies have applied to assist with syria's disarmament program. germany's fast and furious autobahns are under threat the e.u. wants to slam the brakes on the speed demons who come from around the world to see what their cars capable of. when you go past the sign this is one twenty with a line through it the gloves are off baby you can drive you can drive really bad government is off your back in germany and you can drive the main says drive as fast as you want is that. it's the country renowned throughout the world for its. unlimited speeds germany could be said to fall foul of the regulations that could
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see drivers of the countries paying high performance cars limited to a maximum of a around one hundred fifty kilometers an hour the planned clampdown would see stated with a device that automatically applies the brakes whenever a car exceeds the speed limit in the area the idea is to increase highway safety thirty thousand people die every year on your throats but can manufacture is the notion that a slowdown will save lives statistics also show a major accidents etc on the autobahn this is on the streets off side the autobahn and this is already very limited. and for some it's a clear indicator of the european commission overtaking what should be national matters the problem at the moment is that many of those rules are being made by the commission and are not being subject to democratic accountability in the european parliament and that seems to me is is the source of
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a lot of the frustration in tensions in countries a decision on whether to move ahead with the idea is expected in the new german drivers however have already made up their minds that it will kill the joy of driving. i am against speed limit it will cost us jobs but all the while b. will not allow that to happen people will fall asleep at the speed the whole reason we built beautiful roads was to drive on them properly it's going to be a tough one for the e.u. to come to. germans that their speed should be in the hands of brussels southall and alto bond or is d.s. the germans from march to the french or roast beef to the british. would not things are they going to want to give up control of easily be able to stroll over on t v and. stay with us all the money is next.
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i hate to be a downer but i really think the olympics have lost all meaning in the past when there was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place in the abstract and the one nine hundred thirty six olympics nazi pseudo science their self-proclaimed superiority was put on trial for the whole world to see and spent the olympics having the majority of the countries on earth participating they're now horribly horribly bland one could argue that they have become a great way for countries to show off their ex used to build up some infrastructure by think this is a big misconception let's look back to two thousand a lympics in beijing yet china is really develop in the last twenty years but the olympics really teach us anything about this country with a radically different political system or anything about their ancient culture or the way they think or the way they live no nothing at all all we saw were some flags and some pandas that rather unique stadium which was mostly the work of
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a swiss company yeah i hate to say it by think the olympic flame is kind of burnt out over the years although i have to admit that saying the torch in the space was kind of neat i think that when and if the world ever becomes an ideological battle ground again and then the olympics will become worth watching but for now it's just generic sports from generic countries a generic stadiums but that's just my opinion. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years people came here twenty some years ago to reestablish mastic life on this island. and people feel the love of christ working. people so you can. come and something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the below saves.


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